An immortal and self-proclaimed queen, one risen from the depths of Hell and from the graves of many. A spirit to truly fear, despite her many mishaps, as her grin could freeze you solid, just like how her heart did, and her laugh could instantly shatter any sense you had. Dangerous and ruthless, but beautiful and charming, how could she had ever been so innocent before?..
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Give my character a “character shaming” label


(i.e. ‘I ate all he cookies in the house and lied about it with crumbs over my face’)

Are you the dark creature that whispers things in the ears of mortals?

Naw, that’s me.

"Ew, a bug."

Ew, a ghos—


"Much better."

I fear the moment Mima looks into a mirror and sees her face

It definitely wasn’t a pretty sight.

Would tea and a chat with the ghostie keep her content? No tail snags this time!


*A small group of fairies where talking among them selfs in quite voices before one was pushed forward, the little thing floating slowly up to the napping spirit and reaching out for her tail, grabbing it and giving it a hard tug*

Of course, a good nap is rare with this spirit. To have it so rudely interrupted really isn’t the smartest idea, but fairies aren’t really all that smart.

The spirit awoke with a surprised and high yelp, her eyes snapping open and her tail yanking back. However, with the momentum she fell over and off the couch, landing face first into the rock hard ground of her domain, cringing from the pain that wrecked through her nose and forehead.

After a moment of silence and processing of the situation, the spirit slowly leaned up, forcing a smile, trying not to show the frustration boiling up inside of her, but obviously failing such.


"Hey, kids,” Like in that tone. “It’s extremely rude to wake me up, and even more rude to touch my tail in such a manner. Now, I would recommend nodding your heads and running off, before I ‘suspect' that I have to beat the lesson into you.” At least she's nice enough to give you a chance to flee.

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*Cirno begins to doodle on the sleeping Mima's face*

A cruel mistress deserves a cruel fate.

Mima doesn’t seem to understand the word “activity”, please wait warmly.

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already did it!

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Rumia x Hakurei Miko

Name: Hakurei Reimu Hakurei Seinaru (博麗 聖なる)
Gender: Male.
General Appearance: A weak, fragile boy with long brown hair, tied up into a high ponytail, and he wears a hakama with detached sleeves connected with thin threads, traditional to that of the Hakurei family’s colors. He is unable to wield the Hakurei gohei with bare hands, for they cause damage on his skin upon touch, due to being half youkai. Due to this, he wears gloves that protect himself for injury. However, he is able to use the Yin-Yang orbs without much trouble. 
Personality: He is closed-off and is rather silent, and prefers to put himself through some pain instead of arguing and getting into fights. He is awfully cowardly, though he only wants the best for everyone. He tries to look out for his older sister, however it is always vice-versa due to his clumsiness.
Special Talents: He has the same abilities of a Hakurei miko, however they are not as great as Reimu’s, thus he is more of a side attendant rather than being the next shrine owner and incident solver of the Hakurei Shrine. He has the ability to control over shadows (not darkness), and he can on only use this ability if there is light around, thus making it useless if it is not bright enough outside during the night or if it’s cloudy. He occasionally gets this weird craving that he can’t describe, but nobody will tell him exactly what it is, and say “try to ignore it as best as you can”.
Who they like better: At this point in time, he hardly knows who his parents are, since at this time, Rumia would still be small and evidently from that, the Hakurei Miko isn’t exactly around anymore.
Who they take after more: He hardly looks like Rumia’s kid aside from a few facial features and natural abilities. 
Personal Headcanon: He often questions Reimu about her incidents, and while he’s not very helpful for the Hakurei Shrine, he sometimes works for the Human Village or Rinnosuke.


Name: Chishio Scarlet (血汐スカーレット)
Gender: Female.
General Appearance: Short, with narrow red eyes and a third eye implanted onto her collarbone, which is decorated around with a necklace. Scarlet red veins peek out of her skin and loop around her back, crossing and implanting into the back of her wrists, and also branching off into her thighs half way through. She hides the connection to her wrists with frilled cuffs. She wears a short sleeved lavender dress, with a large bubble skirt that holds down her veins. She has sharp fangs and pointed ears, and short, wavy lilac hair. She has small bat wins, however they’re too small to fly with (not like that matters in the Touhouverse anyway).
Personality: Chishio is playful and energetic, however in a mischievous way, often pulling pranks, or sometimes without even noticing the trouble she caused. She often scares humans, and takes a sick pleasure out of such. However, she otherwise stays inside and plays around with the maids.
Special Talents: She has the ability to read somebody’s pulse, heart rate, and blood type from miles away. As a vampire, she still has the superhuman abilities, however she is much more physically frail than other vampires.
Who they like better: She hardly even knows Satori,  so the answer to that should be easy.
Who they take after more: Personality wise, Remilia, appearance wise is Satori.
Personal Headcanon: Once she’s old enough to sustain herself, she plans to visit the Underground to go see and meet her second mama!