An immortal and self-proclaimed queen, one risen from the depths of Hell and from the graves of many. A spirit to truly fear, despite her many mishaps, as her grin could freeze you solid, just like how her heart did, and her laugh could instantly shatter any sense you had. Dangerous and ruthless, but beautiful and charming, how could she had ever been so innocent before?..
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But can you be both at the same time?

"Grell Sutcliffe."

"Chihiro Fujisaki."


"Technically, yes, but let’s not think about those options, shall we?"


"The funny thing about this whole genderswap thing is that it wouldn’t even matter if I got one, since as a spirit, I do not have any physical lining. My physical appearance is literally like that of puddy, I can morph myself into anything I wanted and call it what I wanted.. Like so."






"And I look attractive either way. Gosh, I just love being me.”



"M-M-My measurements?! U-U-Uh…"Koakuma didn’t really like to talk about her measurements. She gets embarrassed whenever they are mentioned."U-U-Um su-ure I-I-I have them… A-A-nd Flandres too haha!!"Koakuma stuttering from already being embarrassed. 

"You really don’t have to be so terrified, it’s not like I’m gonna use them for blackmail. Without measurements, I can’t make the clothes properly, and they won’t fit right." She huffed, patting Koakuma gently on the back. "Look, I understand it can be a touchy subject, but I can reassure you nothing bad will happen when you give me this kind of information, alright?"


"Well, it’s simple, I’m a goddess made from human’s desire for knowledge. Anyway, I don’t know everything, but I do know a lot, especially about magic. I was curious about what you’re capable of, if the stories and tales I’ve heard are true."


"Ah, yes, of course. Desire is one way gods do start.. Anyway, what do you mean you’re curious?" Her head tilted a bit, her arms crossing across her chest. "Are you saying you want to do an interview or something?" She questioned, her head only tilting further as she spoke.

"Flandre's clothes that are able to fit me. And vice versa for my outfit for Flandre."

"Huh, interesting.. Alright, I’ll take it. Do you already have the necessary measurements on hand, or do I need to take them? Said measurements are chest/bust, height, hip, waist, et cetera.. I’m sure you know."




"It does … Very much does … but none as powerful as you, Mima-sama." Aya back is still turned behind Mima for a moment before turning to face the powerful onryou. It is noticed Aya is wearing the Kourindou tengu outfit rather than the regular outfits she is famous for.


"How have you been, Mima-sama?" 


"I’ve been fine, I suppose. Just been doing the fair usual, create spells, work on elemantal magic and alchemy.. The usual. You’re Shameimaru, correct? How has your life been? I’m sure that mountain is awfully busy."

*Holds out a cane and top hat* "Care to join me in doing a little jig?"

"J.. Jig? What is this action you speak of? That’s kind of a fun word to say.. Jig, jig.."


"Oh, that’s not true! I don’t need anything from you just yet…~" Yuuka frowned lightly. "…really, it’s just that nobody’s been showing up around the garden recently, and I got bored~"


"That really it, huh?" Her eyes shifted. "Well, sorry to disappoint, but I’m probably not doing anything that would interest you. So you’ll be more bored here, if anything."

"Ah, you're the spirit Mima, aren't you? It's an honor." Narau bowed. "I've heard a lot about you, of course... I am Narau, goddess of knowledge."

"Goddess of ‘knowledge’? How does that work? Does that mean you know all about me, or something? If so, sorry you had to see all of that bullcrap. If not, then yeah, yeah, hello."