An immortal and self-proclaimed queen, one risen from the depths of Hell and from the graves of many. A spirit to truly fear, despite her many mishaps, as her grin could freeze you solid, just like how her heart did, and her laugh could instantly shatter any sense you had. Dangerous and ruthless, but beautiful and charming, how could she had ever been so innocent before?..
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Battle intro: “Let’s see how much you’ve improved over the years, dear.”

Victory: “And yet, I still remain superior to you. How disappointing~. You’ll just have to train harder.”

Defeat: “.. I suppose I underestimated you.”

Assist (Item): *Insert obligatory “it’s dangerous to go alone, take this” Zelda joke* 

Assist (Move): “I still have to lead you as a pupil, don’t I?”

Taunt: “Oh, please, how much more adorable can your attempts get?”

Reacting to Taunt: “You act cocky now, but you won’t be laughing when I win this.”

Retreat: “You’re too weak for me. I’m bored already. I’m going to find something better to do.”

Reacting to Retreat: “So much for a ‘samurai’s honor’, huh?”

Perfect Victory: “You’re wasting my time with pointless violence.”


Battle intro: “Taunting with the dead so easily. You must really have no common sense, do you?”

Victory: “Because of people like you, onryous like me are created. To believe that anybody has faith in humanity, it’s disgusting.”

Defeat: “N-No wonder you can control the dead so well..”

Assist (Item): “Don’t think that this little deed is a sign of friendship, hermit!”

Assist (Move): “You’re lucky I’m interested in your motives and abilities.”

Taunt: ‘What, is old age getting to you, Miss Kaku?”

Reacting to Taunt: “You think you’re funny, don’t you?!”

Retreat: “T-This isn’t the end, hermit! I was simply unprepared..!”

Reacting to Retreat: “Hey, get back here! I’m not done with you, yet, you blood coward!!”

Perfect Victory: “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

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Assist (Item):

Assist (Move):


Reacting to Taunt:


Reacting to Retreat:

Perfect Victory:

is it true that you sometimes place a seal on yourself so you have the appearance of one fairy known as Daiyousei?

"No. I think disguising myself as a fairy is a little too much. Sure, I would be seen as weak, but people would still attack me. Especially Marisa. And once they see I don’t go poof into fairy dust, it sorta gives me away.One cannot just turn into a fairy so simply, you know?"

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I want to ask something about your Mima but I just don't know how to word it! I guess I'll first ask if you've ever played or heard of Touhou Mother.

ooc ; indeeeeeeeed i do! played through the whole game actually. is it about the whole separate pc98 region or something?

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Pssst. Mima is the sexiest ghost.


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Is it true that vacuums are the best weapon to use against spirits and ghosts?


"What the heck is a vacuum?"


An object from the outside world that provides suction once attached to an electrical current. They’re used to clean up messes in clothed floors, and I hate to be frank, but you are a little bit of a mess, Miss Mima. So they’re probably saying you need to ‘clean up your act’.


"Thank you, based Rinnosuk—"



Can you do curly hair?

"Naturally. It’s what I always have."

is it true that the only way to kill an evil spirit is to have it be killed by another evil spirit?

"Technically, no. There are plenty of people in Gensokyo that are threats to onryous, if that’s what you mean by evil spirits. Yes, I am a strong onryou, perhaps even one of the strongest to ever exist, but. There are still people I should look out for, like that Kasen character, the phantom hybrid, that troublesome celestial, and even Miss Yakumo or the Hakurei. And oh, the Yama especially.. Other onryous are the last of my worries."

"Being onryou is suffering."

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