An immortal and self-proclaimed queen, one risen from the depths of Hell and from the graves of many. A spirit to truly fear, despite her many mishaps, as her grin could freeze you solid, just like how her heart did, and her laugh could instantly shatter any sense you had. Dangerous and ruthless, but beautiful and charming, how could she had ever been so innocent before?..
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Rumia x Hakurei Miko

Name: Hakurei Reimu Hakurei Seinaru (博麗 聖なる)
Gender: Male.
General Appearance: A weak, fragile boy with long brown hair, tied up into a high ponytail, and he wears a hakama with detached sleeves connected with thin threads, traditional to that of the Hakurei family’s colors. He is unable to wield the Hakurei gohei with bare hands, for they cause damage on his skin upon touch, due to being half youkai. Due to this, he wears gloves that protect himself for injury. However, he is able to use the Yin-Yang orbs without much trouble. 
Personality: He is closed-off and is rather silent, and prefers to put himself through some pain instead of arguing and getting into fights. He is awfully cowardly, though he only wants the best for everyone. He tries to look out for his older sister, however it is always vice-versa due to his clumsiness.
Special Talents: He has the same abilities of a Hakurei miko, however they are not as great as Reimu’s, thus he is more of a side attendant rather than being the next shrine owner and incident solver of the Hakurei Shrine. He has the ability to control over shadows (not darkness), and he can on only use this ability if there is light around, thus making it useless if it is not bright enough outside during the night or if it’s cloudy. He occasionally gets this weird craving that he can’t describe, but nobody will tell him exactly what it is, and say “try to ignore it as best as you can”.
Who they like better: At this point in time, he hardly knows who his parents are, since at this time, Rumia would still be small and evidently from that, the Hakurei Miko isn’t exactly around anymore.
Who they take after more: He hardly looks like Rumia’s kid aside from a few facial features and natural abilities. 
Personal Headcanon: He often questions Reimu about her incidents, and while he’s not very helpful for the Hakurei Shrine, he sometimes works for the Human Village or Rinnosuke.


Name: Chishio Scarlet (血汐スカーレット)
Gender: Female.
General Appearance: Short, with narrow red eyes and a third eye implanted onto her collarbone, which is decorated around with a necklace. Scarlet red veins peek out of her skin and loop around her back, crossing and implanting into the back of her wrists, and also branching off into her thighs half way through. She hides the connection to her wrists with frilled cuffs. She wears a short sleeved lavender dress, with a large bubble skirt that holds down her veins. She has sharp fangs and pointed ears, and short, wavy lilac hair. She has small bat wins, however they’re too small to fly with (not like that matters in the Touhouverse anyway).
Personality: Chishio is playful and energetic, however in a mischievous way, often pulling pranks, or sometimes without even noticing the trouble she caused. She often scares humans, and takes a sick pleasure out of such. However, she otherwise stays inside and plays around with the maids.
Special Talents: She has the ability to read somebody’s pulse, heart rate, and blood type from miles away. As a vampire, she still has the superhuman abilities, however she is much more physically frail than other vampires.
Who they like better: She hardly even knows Satori,  so the answer to that should be easy.
Who they take after more: Personality wise, Remilia, appearance wise is Satori.
Personal Headcanon: Once she’s old enough to sustain herself, she plans to visit the Underground to go see and meet her second mama!

with konngarrrrrrrra

Name: Kageko (影子)
Gender: Female.
General Appearance: Very lean and very short, with bob cut just under her jawline, in which she sometimes wears in a ponytail. She has a very childlike face, with soft cheeks and medium sized eyes. Her hair is a very dark green, nearly looking back, and she holds emerald eyes just like Mima. She wears a vest on top of a collared shirt, and wears a white high-low skirt. She always wears black kneesocks with belt garters that go above her knees. She is able to form a ghost tail, which is the reason why she wears a skirt instead of shorts.
Personality: Somebody who deeply looks up to her parents, and wants to be the best she can. due to this, she attempts to appear intimidating, however she is actually very shy and easily terrified of things that she’s not used to. She is easily inspired and likes to read a lot. She is very expressive and very friendly.
Special Talents: Kageko has a high potential in magic, but she also very weak control over shadows, much like Konngara’s ability. Kageko is attempting to practice dark and electrical magic, and enhancing her shadow abilities.
Who they like better: She loves them both a lot.
Who they take after more: She probably takes more after Konngara than Mima.
Personal Headcanon: Kageko takes her parents’ stuff sometimes to practice with them, however she usually ends up causing trouble with them.

Mima and Shinki

Name: Yuuga (優婉)
Gender: Female.
General Appearance: A small girl with a round face and big, bright blue eyes, her curly and long hair hair is a light green, but still easy on the eyes, which is pulled back into a low ponytail tied with a black bow. Her outfit is similar to that of the Victorian era, full of frills and large amounts of puff, colored navy blue and the frills being sky blue. She wears white gloves that reach to her elbows, made out of fine silk.
Personality: Though potentially friendly, she is awfully spoiled and bossy, always getting the advantage out of Shinki while Mima notices her rotten attitude. She is playful, however in a cruel, sadistic way, often times picking on other kids and showing her dominance with pride. Rude as she is, she’s terrified of getting her parents angry.
Special Talents: She has a high potential in spacial magic, mastering in teleportation and transformation, often causing hallucinations and illusions to her own fitting. She can also distort the feeling of perspective or balance, however to a very low degree.
Who they like better: Shinki, due to her softness towards her. However, Shinki still notices when Yuuga is manipulating her too much.
Who they take after more: To be completely honest, probably both of them.
Personal Headcanon: She still loves her parents, and kinda wishes they didn’t fight as much as they did. They’re sorta of that dysfunctional family type of thing.


Name: Imaizumi Oukami (今泉 オオカミ)
Gender: Female.
General Appearance: A tall, but lean girl, weak in physical strength with a hood around her head to hide her ears. She wears heavy oriental robes of dark a beige white and velvet red, reaching all the way down to her knees. She has medium length brunette hair, and narrow red eyes. Se is relatively pale due to being garbed in robes. Her face, if seen, is awfully soft and slender looking.
Personality: Oukami is relatively reserved and quiet, as well as shy, though she comes off more as cold and antisocial with this said shyness, rather than embarrassed and cute. She often gives off a passive expression to what she says, including snark or sarcasm when she feels the need for it. She is often scolded by Kagerou for this.
Special Talents: She has similar smell to Momiji, though to a lesser extent, only being able to smell 500 ri (155 miles) instead of 1,000 ri (310 miles) like her mother. Her senses are heightened, however, when the full moon arrives, during which she can transform in a 7 foot tall and 12 foot long wolf on four legs, with four eyes and claws sharp as knives.
Who they like better: She knows Kagerou better, since Momiji is usually busy with work, so it’s best to suspect that she likes Kagerou more by default.
Who they take after more: Despite that, she takes more off Momiji, or at least, my depiction of Momiji, though she is still different in her own special way, as my Momiji is more social than what Oukami would be.
Personal Headcanon: She sleeps curled up, often drooling a bit. This is probably the only cute factor behind her cold behavior.

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Bless d-nobi’s art.

*And up floats Cirno, wearing a fairy size verson of Mima's outfit and dragging along the magic staff she had given her before.* "Fear me! Or else I'll make you go boom with magic!"

Is.. Is this what people actually think of her being like? Welp.

I Always Hated the Sea ;; {Closed RP with presveltis}

Oh, this place definitely wasn’t comforting.

It was already obvious what kind of memories came running back upon seeing the crashing waves and sandy bays centuries ago, but being inside of the water itself only brought back previous fears of drowning. While the spirit has no need to breathe for her deceased state, the pressure and echoing sounds in her ears, as well as the restriction of movement, it made her as uncomfortable as she could be.

Though, how the water felt was the least of her concern right now. The red hue that polluted this water, as well as the eyes that peered and stared, watching. There was nothing calming about this place, but rather an eerie atmosphere with what Mima suspected to hallucinations of her own mind, only telling her to be terrified of what she hasn’t felt or seen in so long.

Just a little longer, perhaps.


"Damn it.."